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Phillip Island MotoGP 2010: Australian Grand Prix

by on Okt.17, 2010, under Traveling Australia

After arriving at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, back from Tasmania on Sat 16 Oct 2010, we got to our LandCruiser and headed straight down to Phillip Island. It was only a few hours to go until the 2010 MotoGP race would take off on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit!

We drove in the middle of the night through rain and windstorms, expecting the worst weather for this one-shot-chance at attending a live MotoGP race down under. Finally, at 2 a.m. we reached a public parking place only a few hundred meters away from the circuit and settled for our first night in the LandCruiser.

It was a „hard“ night – literally speaking, since we had no mattress. Take a look at our self-made accomodation:

We got up early and entered the circuit within seconds without getting stuck in any traffic jam – there is only one access road to the island, usually totally crammed before the race.

Our first impressions:

It is amazing how easily you can walk around the complete track. And it is even more amazing how amazing the views are, even from the general admission areas. We didn’t book any of the stands – far too expensive. Finally we settled on the Siberia heights and watched the Moto2 and MotoGP race from there. Luckily the weather got better and better, in the afternoon it was mild and sunny… perfect conditions for thrilling races.

Enjoy the following short clips which resemble the Moto2 and MotoGP race starts. Let’s start with Moto2:

And now the MotoGP race start:

Our overview of the circuit from left to right:

But that’s just half the truth. By simply turning around we enjoyed these stunning views:

Funny thing – in the upper left you can see Hector Faubel’s bike after he crashed out and took Maxwell out on the way as well. The latter punched the former right in the face for that seconds after the crash and got a Black Flag for unsportslike behaviour… not the fame in his wildcard Moto2 race he had hoped for, I guess. =)

Moto2 Race - Faubel is out, Cutie is in!

Moto2 Race - Faubel is out, Cutie is in!

Immediately after the race the race track was flooded by the crowds .. and we dived straight in, of course! =)

The day ended with the awards ceremony for the MotoGP race, of course:

1. Stoner 2. Lorenzo 3. Rossi

1. Stoner 2. Lorenzo 3. Rossi

The real winners, however, remain unnamed and shall only be revealed in the following pics:

That was truly an exceptional day and an awesome experience we will never forget. And hey .. I bought an Aprilia stubbie holder for my beer bottles! =)

What an amazing experience!

What an amazing experience!

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  • Michael

    Really informative blog guys!

    Thanks so much for the link to my Wreck Beach page too! (that’s how I found your blog).

    I may be pushing it, but you’ve got some really amazing stories to tell, and wanted to invite you to share some on my site! You can post whatever you want, I’ll find a place to put it!

    Thanks again and happy travelling!


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