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Friday night 12th November – Thursday 18th November 2010

Due to the bad weather forecast in the area, we decided not to go to the Grampians as planned but instead directly headed to Adelaide to stay with Camilo.

We again (!) underestimated the distance because when I called him from Portland and said we would be driving to Adelaide and probably arriving in 2 to 3 hours, Camilo asked back “Portland, in Victoria?”, indicating that this would be far away. And it was indeed, 500 km’s. But we made it and arrived late but safe and sound Friday night.

On Saturday we went to the very famous Adelaide Central Market finding Mettwurst and Marzipan Kartoffeln as well as good bread and other German things. Not the whole market was German, of course, but there were lots of German products – for horrendous prices! Anyway, the market was a great experience.

Sunday was an inner city sightseeing day:

A stroll along King William Street and Rundle Mall with great Christmas decoration, probably much bigger than in countries with an actual “Chrissie” feeling that is colder weather. Or what would you say, is the Christmas decoration in your town bigger? ; )

On we went along the Botanic Garden….

… and the University of Adelaide…

Wouldn’t you have loved to have studied there? : )

…accidantly we came across a Ferrari showground,…

…we went to the South Australian museum and the National Art Gallery.

That's were you put your museum stickers ; )

That's where you put your museum stickers ; )

Having seen many different museums, for example in Canberra, there was supposed to be a letdown in the quality and the way we would be impressed with these museums. So, all in all it was interesting but not too impressive.

Monday was German day again because we went to Hahndorf, a supposedly original German town 20 km’s away.

This was somehow a little disappointing too, because we expected a town with German houses and not only a main street with many tourists shops. But the Paulaner Weizenbier was pretty good.

Tuesday was countryside day again, we drove quite some km’s around, first to Birdwood, the famous National motor museum.

Afterwards we drove to the Barossa valley, one of the famous South Australian wine areas. Barossa is famous for its Shiraz so I went and tried several of them at different wineries. Frank was so nice as to drive : )

We went to three different wineries where I tasted wines from 25 $ up to 165 $. But don’t get me wrong you always get a little sip of each wine.  If you try enough wine it will have its effect though but most of all I wanted to learn something about wine.  I wanted to know if the Shiraz is stronger than the Merlot or how the wine is produced. The first question seemed to be hard to answer since every winery said that one has to try all the wines to find out about that. This is due to the fact that one year or region can change the wine so that it tastes different. They think one should try different wines and then stick to the brand (type, region) that is the best. Well, I didn’t want to try that many wines…

Basically, the Merlot seems to be the rather weaker wine in comparison and the Shiraz the strongest. Australian wines need to have all the grapes in the bottle listed on the label so that you can find a Merlot Shiraz Grenache for example. That way you know what is in there. We found another grape we have never heard before – Grenache – famous in the McLaren valley south of Adelaide.  So, don’t think the yellowtail is the typical Australian wine – everybody we asked about this wine said that it is only produced for overseas, Australian wine drinkers wouldn’t drink it. But why would they send that wine to us and not the delicious one? ; )

Wednesday was organisation day to prepare leaving on Thursday.

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