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The Great Ocean Road – Day 2

by on Nov.09, 2010, under The Great Ocean Road

Nov 09, 2010

In the night the kookaburras and magpies made a huge noise every so often. The barkings dogs all around us also didn’t make us feel much safer. But daylight arose and we arose as well, seeing our campsite in full detail. Just when having breakfast a big kookaburra suddenly came flying to our table in an instant of a second from out of nowhere, picking my just prepared cheese bread and going off with it. You little bugger, hope it tasted well!

We have video proof as well:

After packing up we headed to Mariners Lookout near Apollo Bay. The view was simply stunning .. for the first time ever I was definitely sure to recognize the curvature of the earth very clearly on the horizon.

That’s the view you get .. look at the overview from left to right:

That’s what a happy Great Ocean Road Traveller looks like – c’mon, I’m doing my best! 🙂

LandCruiser Jet Pilot

LandCruiser Jet Pilot

We drove on to Cape Otway Lighthouse passing the Cape Otway National Park that we had just visited on our camping trip a few days before. But today the weather was great, the sun warm and the trees .. full of Koala bears!

Every here and there other people stopped and were amazed by these cute little fellas – so were we, especially by this Koala and Baby-Koala:

We decided to visit the Cape Otway Lighthouse site which showed the old Telegraph and Lighthouse keepers‘ station among many other things as well as the Lighthouse itself.

The outlook onto the sea and the cliffs were .. once again .. stunning!

It was quite windy up there ..

On top of Cape Otway Lighthouse

On top of Cape Otway Lighthouse

We have seen quite a lot of warning signs so far around here, but that combination was even new to us:

Birds, koalas, kangaroos .. and .. eh .. cows?

Birds, koalas, kangaroos .. and .. eh .. cows?

We could not detect any wild cows, however.

From Cape Otway our next stop was Melba Gully where we looked for the Big Tree, a giant Eucalyptus regnans. And we looked .. and looked .. and then found it, already smashed on the ground. It must have been quite an impressive one, though, as it was still huge when we found its remains:

Again we were lucky to have the LandCruiser for our next target: Moonlight Head, accessible only via dirt and gravel roads. It’s supposed to have Australia’s highest cliffs – is that actually true? See for yourself:

It is incredibly beautiful, anyway ..

Just a few minutes from there we found Wreck Beach, one of the biggest surprises so far. Not being mentioned in any guide or recommended by anyone we found it to have an incredible atmosphere – all misty, secretive, quite and mysterious. We were the only human beings around, the waves got bigger and louder with every new move towards the beach, the sun was going down .. AWESOME.

Look at this ocean ..

Look at the scenery ..

What an ambience!

What an ambience!

Get an even better grasp of this experience in this short clip:

The highlight of this experience was probably the moment when we came around a corner, saw some distant objects and when we came closer ..

.. it was actual ship wreckage from the „Marie Gabrielle„, wrecked there in 1880. More than 120 ships sank on the famous Shipwreck Coast which Wreck beach is a part of. Only 250 meters further there would have been the anchor of the „Fiji“, but we missed that .. we left Wreck Beach when it was near dark.

The day was concluded by heading further down the Great Ocean Road and finding a campsite in Princetown. For the first time we rented a camping spot, but enjoyed a warm shower – happy campers! 😉

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