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The Great Ocean Road – Day 4

by on Nov.11, 2010, under The Great Ocean Road

Nov 11, 2010

This was one of the happy days with facilities like tap water, electricity and .. yes, an own bathroom. And oh did we enjoy it! 🙂

A good day starts with a good bath!

A good day starts with a good bath!

After leaving Peterborough we immediately reached the Bay of Martyrs. And believe me, there was a lot to see! We started at Halladale Point.

After that we strolled around for quite a while and found a few not so popular places with views like hidden gems.

Here’s a short panoramic video:

Maybe here and there we should have kept a respectable distance …

However, we felt more than rewarded with great views of the rock formations and the ocean:

The weather on the previous day had been not to sunny, but today it was just great – a few clouds, warm and a comforting sun. Therefore we decided to quickly head back to the Twelve Apostles and find out, what they look like under the Australian sun. We think it was worth the ride, what do you think?

Need more arguments? No worries! 🙂

Continuing in our previous direction we drove straight to the Bay of Islands, another exciting place with stunning views.

This day felt like an endless stream of visual euphoria. Come and join in:

Just when we thought, it could not get any better, we found we were wrong. We decided to go to Childers Cove, a small bay that’s not so quickly reachable. We took a detour and found the Murnane Bay ..

Murnane Bay

Murnane Bay

.. and the Childers Cove bay which proved to be a very exclusive gem. It is a small variant of everything a small paradise just needs – white sand, pretty rocks, steep cliffs, great waves and a view of the ocean.

Enjoy this short clip:

We had to engage in a duckling rescue mission to reunite it with its family, all the time repelling evil seagulls that picked ducklings out of the small crowd. Why the gooses did not defend their breed although being meters away, was beyond our understanding. See the reunited happy goose family here:

Sadly it was time to leave the Great Ocean Road behind after Warrnambool. We had plenty of time left on our hands and went on to the Tower Hill State Reserve which is actually a giant volcano crater that serves as a habitat for wildlife these days.

To get into the crater bottom, the first thing to do is pop down the crater rim:

A steep ride, but the crater views are worth every millimeter of worn brake pads:

We took the Lava Boardwalk, hoping to see our first free emus. Instead we first saw snakes, wallabies and birds. Just when we became grumpy and wanted to get to the car, we took a final detour, and .. BAM! Here they were, peacefully grazing …

What a show! And it’s on TV, eh .. PC for you! 🙂

We happily left the crater and took the scenic drive along the crater rim, and it really shows you a lot ..

That was enough for today. Phew! On our search for a campsite we thought it might be a good idea to camp as close as possible to our next destination. That was Cape Bridgewater. And we set up our camp just below the windfarm located only a few hundred meters away.

Campsite at Cape Bridgewater

Campsite at Cape Bridgewater

Honestly – that was an absolutely stupid idea. We woke up several times that night when the winds were so strong that our tent was bent over in all directions and nearly flew away, with us still in it. So – don’t go there. It’s illegal to camp there anyway! 😉

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