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MacDonnell Ranges / Alice Springs – Glen Helen Gorge and Redbank Gorge

by on Dez.09, 2010, under The Outback

Dec 09, 2010 – Glen Helen Gorge and Redbank Gorge

After having escaped heavy thunderstorms we arrived late in Glen Helen Resort where we stayed for the night. It was the next morning when we finally realized once more what a beautiful landscape we had approached.

Our campsite at Glen Helen Resort

Our campsite at Glen Helen Resort

After heavy rains the sun had already broken through again, hot and glaring. It’s just a few minutes walk to get to Glen Helen Gorge. So we put on lots of sunscreen and off we went to the gorge…

Awesome .. the gorge opens up into a wide open area, encapsulated in the gorge’s ranges and filled with plants and trees. A green oasis, and you can only get there via a swim. That’s exactly what we did .. although the life-saving measures seemed somewhat underdeveloped. But we reckon that’s the best you can get out here. 😉

Although having used sunscreen the short swim had washed away some of it. Just walking back to the car was sufficient for us to catch a massive sunburn .. lots of blisters included. 🙁

Nevertheless, we continued to Redbank Gorge, the nearest gorge a few kilometers west of Glen Helen Gorge. Almost unable to recognize the walking trail into the gorge and hesitating going there due to the reckless sun, we eventually managed to get there. What we found completely differed from Glen Helen Gorge, though.

The gorge itself consisted of steep and high cliffs, the gap being only a few meters wide at most. At its end we found a little waterhole with cool, clear water. This really aroused our curiosity and our adventouresness. So we jumped in and swam through little pools, ponds and puddles, climbed over slippery rocks, all this time with steep cliffs to both our left and right sides, with small rocks falling into the water from above from time to time and only the echo of the whispering water and our voices returning from the rocky walls. Ah – and since we forgot to bring any swimwear (again) we had to do it all completely undressed. 😉 We continued to do so for maybe 200 meters into the gorge when we decided to return. Amazing experience ..

When we got out of the gorge, we put our clothes on – only to jump back into the cool water fully dressed.

When we returned to the car our clothes had completely dryed again anyway, and we had a well-needed refreshment along the way back.

As the night before, heavy thunderstorms announced themselves in the far distance. In addition to that, our car caused some trouble again, with the engine running very rough again. So we decided to intrude Alice Springs earlier than planned. The weather got really bad ..

Floodways on our way to Alice Springs

Floodways on our way to Alice Springs

We passed dozens of such floods. After arriving in Alice Springs, we found a comfortable little hostel (Alice’s Secret – we recommend it!), checked in and returned to the city center to do some shopping. There we entered a carpark, when we suddenly came across this phenomenon..

The springs in Alice Springs

The springs in Alice Springs

Are these the famous springs in Alice Springs? 🙂

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