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Australia’s South West – from Albany to Manjimup

by on Apr.25, 2011, under South-West

Sunday, 24th April – Monday, 25th April 2011

After a nice breakfast at Middleton Beach we took the Tourist Drive around town.

We then went into the amazing Torndirrup National Park which being the Easter weekend 2011 many people used for a stroll around and thus it was far too crowded for our taste, too many people in the pictures. Nevertheless, enjoy the Gap with water splashing up sometimes up to 20 m, the amazing Natural Bridge (what dimensions!),and finally one of the most fascinating blowholes where the air pressed by the moving water below came out with enormous pressure.

Afterwards a quick visit to the brig Amity, a replica of the ship that had sailed from Sydney to Albany in 1826.

And along the scenic drive to our campspot, Cosy Corner! Not so cosy I can tell you… I started with the decision Cosy Corner East or West? In this case, the East was the place where camping was allowed and totally crowded, not a single spot free and so we made our way to the West with lots of spots and only several other campers there. Understandable since camping wasn’t allowed there. Here the sign:

Another uncosy surprise was the neverending drizzle that started at night and wouldn’t stop for hours.

While we waited (in vain) in the car for the rain to stop at 9 in the morning, a car pulled over and the ranger started towards our tent. After his second attempt to talk to us in the tent Frank mercifully called out that we were in the car. The ranger informed us that we had to leave this area since camping wasn’t allowed. A joke later he was already gone, not having given us a fine. Lucky us. Poor him that he had to work Easter Monday. ; )
In case you don’t know but putting your tent together in the rain is no fun.
Sightseeing in the rain not so much fun, either. But that didn’t stop us from having a look at the Ocean Beach close to Denmark.

Some driving later we drove through a Kerri Forest and had a look at the Great Tingle Tree, unfortunately a little too dark already for the camera.

We had sent out a very last minute couchsurfing request to avoid camping in the rain again and later in the evening we got a call from Lindy who invited us to stay with her. I have never been happier about a phone call : )
So we spend an envening with Lindy and her daughter and enjoyed a wine, sandwiches and self baked Anzac cookies, heaven! Lindy even offered us her home for several days although she would go camping the next day – what kind of trust is that, amazing!!

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