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Australia’s South-West: From Manjimup to Cape Leuwin

by on Apr.27, 2011, under South-West

Tuesday, 26th April – Wednesday, 27th April 2011

The next day we went off sightseeing in the area:
In the past Fire Lookout Trees were obviously used to spot dangerous bushfires and had to be massive and tall trees. It is possible for the public to climb the three Karri trees that are in the area, Diamond Tree, Gloucester Tree and Bicentennial, with prices ranging from for free to National Park entry fee and up to 11 $. Since it started raining when we arrived at the Diamond Tree we continued and finally climbed the Bicentennial Tree which is supposed to have its first platform at 25m and its second platform at somewhere around 60 m.
A piece of cake you will think when you stand under the tree, easy to climb up, too. But don’t underestimate the feeling that arises once you left the ground climbing up still being able to see throught. After the first turn your mind starts releasing thoughts like „it is quite high already“, „how easy it seems to slip through the metal spikes“ „I’ve never liked heights“ until you reach platform one and think „thank God some solid planks“. It becomes even more exciting when people come down from the top while you are climbing up. The spikes are long enough to fit two but are they strong enough? Another thought that will frequently pass your mind. Do it as I did it you hold on close to the spikes at the base of the tree, close your eyes and just don’t move until the other person has passed (only kidding about closing my eyes). You will think now that 25 m are not that high, you might have climbed higher buildings and so have I but not on metal bars being able to slip through. As you have probably guessed it as much as I have wanted to go up further I just thought it wouldn’t be safe enough. The only problem was now to get down again, an odyssey believe me. Frank climbed up further and so did somebody with a broken arm and no shoes on – crazy dude. From what you could see when everybody arrived safe and sound at the ground again was that at least they all were a bit scared. But Frank’s courage gives you now the opportunity to enjoy a nice panorama over the tree tops:

Afterwards we took a much safer but also less exciting scenic drive through the Kerri Forest:

And down to the coast to the D’entrecastreaux National Park where we had a look at The Window, Salmon Beach and a quick drive to Windy Harbour.

On the way back to Manjimup we stopped at the Cascades

and quickly climbed up Mt. Chudalup – a piece of cake for us : )

We spent another night at Lindy’s house and continued our travels later the next day when we drove to Augusta and had a look at the most southern point of Western Australia, Cape Leeuwin, and saw the quite stormy Indian Ocean. Have a look yourself and enjoy the great atmosphere of light and clouds:

Größere Kartenansicht

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