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The Lincoln National Park

by on Apr.06, 2011, under The Eyre Peninsula

April 06, 2011

After a relaxing, but cold night in our tent (luckily not in the car being stuck on the Sleaford-Wanna-Dunes track .. you read the preceding article, right? 😉 ) the first thing that came to our mind was most likely: „A warm cup of coffee and a nice slice of toast!“ Imagine our disbelief when we looked at this:

Mouse Alert!

Mouse Alert!

To you it may just look like an ordinary hole. To us it was a clear proof of an unwanted visitor in the LandCruiser: a mouse had shamelessly raided our food stash! You may think: „Idiots, next time better lock the car.“ But we will answer: we do so every night. Meaning: the mouse must have slipped in while the car was still open the previous night or it came in even with all doors being closed. Even more pressing was the question: is it still in the car or did it get out?

Nevertheless we headed to Port Lincoln to repair the LandCruiser after last day’s tortures. The car fired up immediately without any troubles, but you guess it .. still ran like „a bag of nuts“, as we would say in German. In Port Lincoln the RepCo guys were very helpful and I replaced the distributor cap including rotor, the ignition cables and all 6 spark plugs. It cost us 100$, but afterwards the poor old LandCruiser ran like a charm again! Hooray! 🙂

In the afternoon we headed back to the Lincoln National Park and used the remaining daylight for a short visit. We ended up on a 4WD track to Woodcutters Beach, but after our recent traumatizing experience we refused to continue and returned to the main track. Thus we drove up to Cape Donington. The lighthouse is so ugly up there that we are not even showing you a picture of that.

Subsequently we drove to Fishermans Point, a beautiful bay with a somewhat crowded campsite, but with a fantastic view of the bay and the ocean. In addition to that you can build up your camp directly besides the (not very high) cliffs.

That was pretty much it for the day. We returned to Fishery Bay for the last night and made warming campfire.

Warming campfire at Fishery Bay

Warming campfire at Fishery Bay

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