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Whalers Way

by on Apr.07, 2011, under The Eyre Peninsula

April 07, 2011

Before packing up and leaving Fishery Bay we undertook an expedition to the Whalers Way, just a stone’s throw away.

View of Fishery Bay from Whalers Way

View of Fishery Bay from Whalers Way

We walked up there to get some well-needed exercise. Our first stop was at the „Swimming Hole“:

We did not go for a swim, although it looked inviting. Next stop was the „Whale Chaser Crevasse“:

After that we passed „Galsons Cove“:

Noticing a pattern here? Right, the ocean and the cliffs are amazingly beautiful, and there is a lookout every couple of meters, it seems.

We continued straight to Cape Wiles after some 4-5 kilometers altogether:

Surprisingly we found this fellow on moderately steep cliffs:

And the „Fur Seals Walk“ kept its promise as we found some furry fellows on the rocky islands on the opposite side of Cape Wiles:

At this point we could have walked down to Cape Carnot. This would have implied 6 kilometers of straight walking up there and the same distance back. Add that to the 8 kilometers that we already did (or had to go to get back) and you get 20 kilometers – under the gleaming sun? Naaaah. 😉 We couldn’t find anyone viable giving us a lift there. So we turned around:

Whalers Way

Whalers Way

That was an exquisite decision. What we encountered next, nearly blew us away:

We sat there and watched the dolphins swimming in the bay, hunting for fish and recognized how cleverly they organized themselves in multiple rows to drive their prey to each other. What an amazing outlook – if only we could have been closer!

We later found out that the whole „Whalers Way“, including all sites, is private property. How can such a beautiful place belong to someone? The entry would have cost us 30$. So we had entered without permission. Sorry for that! 😉

On returning to base camp we packed up and tried to find a secret entry to the „Whalers Way“ to reach Cape Carnot, but following the old, overgrown tracks for a while without success we left Fishery Bay at last and entered the Lincoln NP again. Curious as we are, we reached out for Wanna, this time via the alternate route, not via the 4WD track that had beaten us so badly two days ago…

We desperately wanted to know how close we actually had been to the Wanna exit, therefore we parked (yes, that’s right: PARKED) the LandCruiser right before the track start and entered the sandy desert on our feet.

Although we walked a fair bit, we could not find our personal point of failure. Still frustrated, we returned, joking about doing the track again from the Wanna entry. We didn’t do it, if that soothes you somehow. 😉

We set up camp at Fishermans Point and prepared for the night.

Another dolphin at Fishermans Point

Another dolphin at Fishermans Point

And under the settling sun we again encountered a dolphin ..  a loner this time.



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