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From Geraldton to the Hutt River Province

by on Mai.03, 2011, under Along The Coral Coast

May 03, 2011

Our first campspot was not only free on a public rest area, but only 20-30 meters away from the Indian Ocean. As we arrived late the evening before, we could not really see the area. We would camp a lot on these formally recognized free campsites with allowed overnight stay in the following weeks. Travel distances are simply too far in Western Australia, and you always meet a lot of caravans, campervans and 4WD’s at these spots.

On our way to Geraldton we passed the so-called „leaning trees“ at Greenough. Their name is derived from their shape: due to the strong south-western winds the trees are unable to grow up straight. Instead they lean onto the ground, sometimes in almost absurd positions and formations:

Afterwards we visited Geraldton for some shopping and refueling. We also took a short look at the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, built in a Byzantine chapel style:

Further up north we searched for Little Bay, time to take a first bath in the Indian Ocean. The 4WD track to get there was pretty easy. The path up the sand dunes was extremely steep and exhausting, however. Without holding on to a rope you would probably slide back halfway up ..

The view over Little Bay was definitely worth it. And the way down could be absolved within 20 seconds, as opposed to 5 minutes hard climbing. 😉

Near Port Gregory we passed along the Pink Lake in the Hutt Lagoon, expecting to see a large lake in very pinkish colour. Maybe the photos we saw of it were a bit reworked, or the lake was in a bad mood that day. The colour is a result from bacteria excreting carotene which gets accumulated in salt granules. Altogether it was not very impressive, we had seen much pinker lakes in the Nullarbors:

With the sunlight slowly fading we made our way to something awkward even within Australia, i.e. Western Australia. We tried to find the entrance to the Hutt River Province, an independent sovereign state within WA. Not formally recognized, as you might guess. 😉

On our way to Hutt River Province

On our way to Hutt River Province

After using some serious navigational skills and driving along the badly signed gravel roads we finally found it and were greeted by His Royal Highness, Prince Leonard, himself.

The entrance to a sovereign state within a state - Hutt River Province

The entrance to a sovereign state within a state - Hutt River Province

He then showed us the way to the campground where we resided for the night .. not like kings, but very down to earth (literally) in our tents. 😉

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