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Hutt River Province and Kalbarri NP

by on Mai.04, 2011, under Along The Coral Coast

May 04, 2011

After waking up in the Hutt River Province, a sovereign state within Western Australia, the way wasn’t long for some exploration of this mini-state. To be precise, it was only a few hundred meters from our campground to the governmental buildings. The HRP central area is not that big. 🙂

We now have an official visa stamp from the HRP in our passports! We informed ourselves about the unique history of the HRP and the relations and functions to other international states. The HRP has not only its own flag, heraldic emblem, army and airforce (albeit enormously small), but as well its own currency. However, payment with AUS-$ is accepted everywhere in the HRP.

We left for our next destination after this somewhat surreal experience: the Kalbarri National Park. On the way to Kalbarri itself you can find lookouts and sites with great views every couple hundreds of meters, or so it seemed. We stopped at least at Red Bluff, Castle Cove, the Natural Bridge, Grandstand and Pot Alley. Always accompanied by an unbelievable number of oh so annoying flies, even worse than what we had encountered before in the Red Center or other places in the Outback.

Another one was Eagle Bluff which provided a nice panorama view:

Eagle Bluff, Kalbarri

Eagle Bluff, Kalbarri

The township of Kalbarri wasn’t particularly interesting, thus we headed on to the Kalbarri NP itself. The dirt roads within the national park were of the worst sort concerning corrugations, 30 or 40 kilometers shaky and bumpy road without a rest… 🙁

Our first stop was at the lookout of „The Loop“ where you can see a river meandering around in an almost oval-like form.

To give you a better impression we shot 2 panorama views of the western and the eastern sides of the loop. Look at the western side first:

The Loop panorama, Kalbarri NP

The Loop panorama, Kalbarri NP

Then enjoy the eastern side:

The Loop panorama no. 2, Kalbarri NP

The Loop panorama no. 2, Kalbarri NP

The scenery and the landscape was really amazingly beautiful! We decided to go to the „Z-Bend“ next, thinking the „Natural Window“ would be along the way. We were mistaken, though, meaning we returned to the Loop later on to take the walk down to the Natural Window.
But now for the Z-Bend which has its name from the river flowing here in an almost z-like shape. You can see the middle and lower part of the „Z“ in this panorama view:

Panorama of the Z-Bend from upper lookout

Panorama of the Z-Bend from upper lookout

The way to the lookout was fairly easy, but the climb down into the bottom of the gorge was quite challenging and involved a lot of climbing up and down a lot of smaller and bigger rocks.

At the bottom of the gorge you can go for a swim in the water or just enjoy the scenery:

On our way back up we encountered more kangaroos and gathered some interesting impressions how things grow even in such a rocky environment:

As previously mentioned we had to drive quite a few kilometers of badly corrugated roads to get back to the Natural Window, not knowing wether it was worth the hassle or not. We finally decided to go. And what we would have missed! A gorgeous view from the top of a mountain range into the gorges left and right to the ledge .. stunning! That’s what lies left:

And to the right:

Not to forget the primary highlight itself – the Natural Window. It is a very unique rock formation on top of the mountain with a small arch that you can easily look through:

We noticed the signs forbidding to climb up the rock arch only when we were about to leave. All of us were too excited to climb around, get on top and have some impressive photos taken. 😉 We were right in time to see the sunset at the Natural Window, leaving all of us really happy to have gone back here…

Already in the dark we made quite some kilometers further up north to get early to Shark Bay the next day. Again we camped at a free campsite called Nerren Nerren Rest Area after arriving there late.

This day was tremendously packed with sightseeing, don’t you think? 😉

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