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August 06, 2011

The Carnarvon Gorge 25km hike on the day before had left its marks upon us. We slept in, had a long breakfast and left Gladstone to get to Bundaberg. On the way we passed the twin towns of Agnes Water and 1770 (the only existing town with only digits in its name) only casually.

In the evening we arrived in Bundaberg at Bargara Beach at our next CouchSurfing hosts.

August 07, 2011

Bundaberg is the rum capital of Australia: it’s only here where the widely known and most popular Bundaberg rum is produced. Thus we participated in a distillery tour (no photos allowed) with a rum tasting at the end. We tried a few different variants and enjoyed the special flavours:

To be honest, we still prefer it with coke and on the rocks. 😉 We learnt a lot about how the distillation process works, although they refused to give us their secret recipe in the end! Interestingly enough the rum is stored in giant barrels made of American white oak, for at least three years due to legislation. The number of these barrels on-site and their liquid contents make up for a value of almost 100 million AUS-$ altogether!

Right in front of the distillery we found another „Big Thing“: the Big Bundaberg Bottle, among a few other views.

The Millaquin Sugar Mill is the only mill producing molasses exclusively for the distillery, and of course the sugar cane comes from local farmers as well. It’s a true product of the Bundaberg region, but famous throughout all of Australia.

We headed into the city afterwards and explored the streets of Bundaberg:

Bundaberg made a good impression on us altogether, albeit not being overly vibrant – it’s still winter down here after all. 😉 Later in the afternoon we met with our CouchSurfing host for a tour through his Asian shop. He’s not Asian at all, however. The rich smells and unrecognizable items on the shelves gave us a good first impression of what might possibly await us in South East Asia:

Before returning home we stopped at .. right, another „Big Thing“: the Big Barrel. Don’t go in there, however. We did so next day and basically found nothing of interest – unless you want to spend cash on dumb tourist artifacts. We kept our money to ourselves, the photos were free.

August 08, 2011

Before leaving Bundaberg we drove into the city for a final look at a few more places. Our first stop was at Coopers Workshop, the maker of the giant rum barrels in the Bundaberg rum distillery. There we learnt about the almost forgotten art of barrel making. Actually this profession is almost forgotten and carried out by only very few people, nowadays the need for wooden barrels is almost not existent. Hopefully someone will be able to provide the big barrels for the Bundaberg distillery in the future!

We did a few walks along the Burnett river that flows right through the city:

Our last stop was at the Burnett Bridge:

So long, Bundaberg, and thanks for the rum. Our way led us now to Hervey Bay where we arrived in the evening – at our next CouchSurfing host, of course. 😉

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