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South East Asia

by on Okt.18, 2011, under Allgemein


you probably know that we left Australia on Sep 9, 2011, and flew over to Singapore. Since then we have travelled through Singapore, Malaysia and southern parts of Thailand.

Here are a few pictures to give you a better impression:

Not to forget this nice little clip with some cute clown fish we found while snorkeling on Pulau Perhentian Kecil:

As of now we have returned to Kuala Lumpur and will be visiting the upcoming MotoGP race in Sepang. After that it’s probably going to be the Andaman Coast in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and then .. looks like we’re coming home! 🙂

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Litchfield revisited

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Allgemein

July 13, 2011

The first time we had been to Litchfield NP we were unlucky because all the 4WD tracks were still closed due to the late wet season. After having spent several weeks in Darwin and closely observing the road condition reports for Litchfield we learned that most of the tracks were re-opened at last.

Not taking chances we quickly hit the road from Darwin to the Litchfield NP, stopping only at Berry Springs Nature Park, a recreational area 50 km south of Darwin.

On our way into the park we took the same shortcut via dirt road as before. Since we had visited all the other accessible spots already we headed straight to the Tjaynera Falls. A 1.7km walk leads to the falls which are surprisingly beautiful:

This waterfall is by far the most beautiful one in the whole park. Another reason why you should invest in a 4WD to get to the really nice spots. 😉

We could not resist and took a refreshing bath. Again we forgot to bring our swim wear, or maybe we just didn’t bother. Anyway, once again we used our underwear which works fine for us.

After walking back some 1.7km we turned to the Blyth Homestead. Here we got a quite adequate impression what life as a pioneer in the Australian bush must be like: very remote, very ascetic and very austere.

Ehm, yes, that is it. A little tin hut, almost no space in it, no water easily accessible and no living soul nearby. And it was populated less than hundred years ago. Makes you think how comfortable our world has actually become.

Next thing on our itinerary was Greenant Creek and the Tjayteba Falls. After another 1.35km walk along Greenant Creek we reached the falls.

There was no good location to get a good shot of the fall itself. Hey, wait, there is – after climbing down a path that actually is not there (because you are not supposed to climb down) we got a real good shot:

Another 1.35 km later  we drove into what we thought was the main attraction of the park: Lost City. The eroded remnants of sandstone pillars and walls leave an impression of a lost and forgotten ancient town. Walking around in the ruins you can almost imagine what life here must have been like, crowded and busy – if there ever had been any. 😉

With the sun going down we actually had finished what we came to see, except for Surprise Creek as that track was still closed. But all in all Litchfield NP is well worth a trip, especially the spots accessible by 4WD. Driving home we encountered another bushfire, supposedly a controlled burning:

A lot of driving (roughly 300km) just to revisit Litchfield. Still we had a great day here and left for Darwin, satisfied with our decision to have come back.

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